Apartment Receipt Generator for macOS

It was prepared with Swift Storyboard, after giving the necessary parameters, you can save the receipt, which has been converted into JPEG so that it can be printed, wherever you want. It has automatic signature embedding feature and the ability to change apartment information.

Call Dismisser for Android

Development continues. It is prepared with Flutter.

Encrypter for Dart & Flutter

Encrypt / Decrypt the String with given Key and IV. It includes built-in password generator also. It uses colored box for outputs if you want.
dart_encrypter | Dart Package (

Color Box Logger for Dart & Flutter

Print log messages into colored box on terminal.
logbox_color | Dart Package (

Color Logger for .NET

Print log messages into colored box on terminal.
NuGet Gallery | ColorLogger_NET

TC ID Checker for .NET

Determines that given TC ID is correct or wrong based on rules.
NuGet Gallery | TCIDChecker_NET

TC ID Checker for Dart & Flutter 

Determines that given TC ID is correct or wrong based on rules.
tcid_checker | Dart Package (

Visual Studio Code Theme : DevoraBB

DevoraBB – Visual Studio Marketplace

Organization Management Panel

Project development continues, using by Flutter as a web and PWA

Safe Area Tracking App

Project development continues, using by Flutter.

Keyword Search Engine for Magazines

A Blazor WebAssembly Application backed with . NET 5 with enables searching and filtering articles with keyword that given by user which are in magazines. Search data are uploaded to search engine core with a customized UWP / WinUI app.

Speech-to-Text App for Windows & macOS with Google Cloud Voice API 

A desktop application that is supported by machine learning and converts the conversation that is available for short format or long format audio to text by uploading it to the Google Cloud infrastructure. Multi-platform (with Windows / UWP, macOS / Cocoa – Xamarin framework) development with .NET Core.

Bologna Process Course Information Software Module 

Developing “Bologna Process Course Information” Software Module based on UWP for Windows 10, Blazor for Web and Xamarin Framework for macOS.